Urfi Javed’s Rare Appearance In Traditional Attire Leaves Netizens In Shock! Checkout Fans Reactions

Urfi Javed is known for her bold and experimental fashion sense. We have always seen her wearing revealing outfits made from unconventional materials, such as plastic bags, wires, and curtains. Her unique style has often been criticized, but she has also gained a large following of fans who admire her confidence and self-expression.
This time she was seen wearing something which left netizens surprised! Scroll down further to know what kind of outfit did Urfi wear this time.

Urfi Javed Was Spotted In A Traditional Outfit

Urfi Javed

Actress and influencer Urfi Javed, known for her unconventional fashion choices, once again caught the attention of the internet and her industry peers with her latest outfit. The surprise came when she was seen in Mumbai, outside a studio, donning traditional attire—a lavender salwar suit from House of Masaba.
Viral Bhayani captured Urfi in Salwar Kameez and soon the video went viral on Instagram

Fans’ reactions To Urfi’s New Avatar Is Hilarious

While striking poses for the cameras, Urfi Javed received compliments from the paparazzo. One of them remarked, “Aapko dekh kar bhookamp aa jata hai. Sab kuch gir jata hai, hum bhi gir jate hain,” meaning, “A mere glimpse of you can cause earthquakes. Everything falls down, and so do we.”

Some Fans Praised Urfi While Some Criticised Her Asusal

When her video of capturing her rare appearance went viral, Urfi Javed’s fans couldn’t contain their admiration for her stunning look. Some expressed their generous praises, while others expressed hopes for more such appearances in the future. There were even those who wished for her to be completely covered, from head to toe.
One user wrote, “Today it seems like she is a decent girl, otherwise, who knows what kind of weird outfits she keeps wearing.”

Another commented, “Urfi ji, you look good in nice clothes. Don’t wear ugly dresses. You are sweet.”
Another user complimented her by saying, “Urfi is a beautiful soul.”

While the comment section contained expressions of admiration and compliments for the actress, some trolls joined in.
One user said, “I wish all brands would donate her clothes to cover her body. Maybe that way, she would stop stooping to the lowest level one can ever think of.”

Another added, “Urfi madam, read the comments and see people’s reactions when you wear good and decent clothes. People praise you a lot then.”


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