Viacom 18 Is Accused Of Insider Trading, Anurag Kashyap Says He Will Not Create Gangs Of Wasseypur Universe

Fans are anticipating an Anurag Kashyap Gangs of Wasseypur movie world as Rohit Shetty extends his cop universe. One of the key works in Indian film was Gangs of Wasseypur. The movie has now been in the business for ten years and has since been hailed as a modern classic and legendary. The cult classic’s director has admitted that he has no plans to produce the third instalment since he is dissatisfied with the financiers and producers. Continue reading to find out what is preventing Kashyap from developing a cinematic universe.

One of his best productions is the movie Gangs of Wasseypur. The two-part criminal drama, however, has been taken into account by the distributors as a losing movie. Before selling the rights to their own firm Colors TV, Viacom 18 was the series’ original distributor. Despite having ideas for a sequel, Anurag Kashyap has stated that he won’t produce it since Viacom 18 thought it was a movie that would lose money.

The crime movie series was originally intended to be a single, 321-minute picture, but it was eventually divided into two parts for the uninitiated. Despite not succeeding on the big screen, the film eventually won the audience over. There are many stories, but I’m upset about something in one of them, Anurag said to Tanmay Bhatt. It is still a losing movie for Viacom (distributors Viacom 18 Motion Pictures). I put all of my lifetime’s goodness into that painting, but it has no value. And we are aware of the movie’s financial success. However, they later claim that Colors earned the money, not us. But who owns Colors? Viacom said that Colors is making money after purchasing the movie from them. A case of insider trading exists here.

Richa Chadha, Rajkummar Rao, Pankaj Tripathi, Jaideep Ahlawat, Huma Qureshi, and Nawazuddin Siddiqui are among the movie’s stars. The director thinks the ensemble cast should have received less compensation. No actor in that movie made a good living, he added. Richa Chadha received Rs. 2 lakh, Huma Qureshi, Rs. 75,000, and an additional Rs. 50,000. People received such sums of money.

You might buy a decent movie for less money, but once it became profitable, you had to pay the actors.  Not only did Gangs of Wasseypur alter the face of Indian cinema, but it also elevated everyone involved in the production to stardom, from authors to actors. The first portion of the Anurag Kashyap-directed movie was released on June 22, 2012, while the second part premiered two months later in August.

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