Vikrant Massey Tattoos Son Vardaan’s Name, Birthdate In Heartwarming Tribute

12th fail starrer Vikrant Massey, who invited his child Vardaan last month, has now inked his name. Taking to Instagram Stories on Saturday, Vikrant shared a nearby look at the tattoo. Vikrant shared a photograph of his arm, on which ‘Vardaan’ and ‘7-2-2024’ were inked. On February 23, Vikrant and Sheetal uncovered the name of their child with a post on Instagram. They shared a delightful family picture giving a fractional look at the child. He stated, “Completely a blessing…We named him Vardaan!!!”

Took instagram to share pics of his new tattoo

Vikrant shared the photograph and stated, “Addition or addiction? I love them both (red heart emoji).” Vikrant and his significant other, Sheetal Thakur, invited their most memorable kid Vardaan on February 7.

"Addition or addiction" : Vikrant Massey inks his son Vardaan's name and birthdate on his hand

Declaring the introduction of their kid, the couple shared the news on Instagram in a joint proclamation. The note read, “07.02.2024. For we have become one. We are overflowing with satisfaction and very much want to declare the appearance of our child. Love Sheetal and Vikrant.”

Vikrant Sheetal announced will become a guardian

Prior, Vikrant made a major declaration that he and Sheetal were anticipating their most memorable kid. Taking to Instagram, Vikrant Massey dropped an imaginative post to share this interesting news. The entertainer shared a delightful wedding picture alongside an innovative photograph portraying another part not far off.

Two self-locking pins looked like a couple, with one of them greater and showing a more modest security pin inside it. The note read, “We are anticipating! Child coming 2024.” Sharing the image, he expressed, “Fresh starts.”
"Addition or addiction" : Vikrant Massey inks his son Vardaan's name and birthdate on his hand

About Vikrant and Sheetal Thakur

The couple, who had dated each other for quite a while, got hitched first in a common service on February 14, 2022, and later, secured the bunch in a conventional function in Himachal Pradesh on February 18, 2022. The couple, who highlighted together in the primary time of the web series Broken however Gorgeous, took part in a relaxed Roka service in 2019. 

"Addition or addiction" : Vikrant Massey inks his son Vardaan's name and birthdate on his hand

Vikrant is luxuriating in the progress of his late-delivered film, the twelfth Come Up Short. Vikrant will next be found in the second portion of Hassen Dilruba, named Phir Aayi Haseen Dilruba. He will likewise be found in The Sabarmati Report. In the film, Vikrant will be seen with Ridhi Dogra and Raashii Khanna.