Viral Video! Bihar’s Nurse Jabs An Empty Syringe Into A Man

With a surge in fresh COVID-19 cases, there is an increase in shocking incidents in the vaccination centers as well. The vaccination drive is taking India to new heights but at the same time, there have been extremely disturbing reports. One such incident happened in the state of Bihar.

A guy from Chhapra of Bihar went for taking the jab but ended up getting vaccinated with an empty syringe by a nurse working in the camp. The video of the same has gone viral. In the video, one can see the lady nurse talking to others and smoothly pushing in the empty needle without any sort of vaccine dose in it.            Nurse


The video of the case got telecast on many leading channels. It happened in the Chhapra city camp’s ward number 1 near the Imambara area on June 21. The video got viral on social media and people asked for action against the errant nurse.

The unsaid trend on social media of people either making videos or clicking pictures during the time of vaccination has brought this case to public notice. The friend of the young man who went to the camp for vaccination has shot the video.

After an urge from people, the show cause notice was issued against the nurse named Chanda Kumari, as seen in the video. She was subsequently asked to give a justification within 48 hrs. And now, as per the reports, the nurse has been removed from her duty.                 

Blaming the crowd in vaccination camps, Saran’s District Immunization Officer (DIO) Dr. Ajay Kumar has said that the nurse did not deliberately make that mistake. The traffic at the vaccination center led her to fall into committing the mistake.

Azhar, who received the empty dose in his interview with a leading news channel said that the nurse did not inject the empty syringe with any wrong intention and it was because of the massive queue of the people waiting for their turn at the center for the dose.

Azhar further added that there shouldn’t be any strong actions taken against her as it was a genuine mistake. The authorities have said that the guy who got an empty dose will get a new vaccine dose on any day of his choice.

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