Vishal Aditya Enters Bigg Boss House, Uses Ex Madhurima Tuli’s Name To Garner Sympathy?

Vishal Aditya has entered the Bigg Boss House as a wild card contestant. And just before entering the Bigg Boss house Vishal spoke about his relationship with ex Madhurima Tuli like never before. Vishal revealed that Madhurima used to fight a lot with him whenever they used to go out for parties and events. He also said that Madhurima was ashamed of him as he wasn’t financially strong and couldn’t speak English. And now we are assuming is this just a publicity stunt. Is Vishal Aditya planning to use Ex Madhurima Tuli’s name to gather sympathy and to increase vote bank?

In an interview with Times Of India Vishal had revealed that he never wanted relationship with Madhurima Tuli to end as he was madly in love with her. He had stated, “When we were together, I was perpetually in a predicament whether to laugh or cry. She must have broken up 50-odd times during our courtship, over the pettiest of issues.” Even on Nach Baliye 9, Vishal had blamed Madhurima for their split.

In an interview with Mid-day before participating in Nach Baliye when Vishal Aditya was asked, “Are you nervous about teaming up with your ex for Nach Baliye 9?” he had responded, “The only reason I was hesitant to do this show was the ‘ex’ factor. But my friends and well-wishers explained that the show has come my way at an opportune time and asked me to try my hand at it. This will be my first reality show.”

Behind the scene action of any reality show grabs more attention than the actual show. Talking about the same Vishal had stated, “I have made it clear that I won’t give them [the makers] fodder by indulging in behind-the-scenes drama. I would prefer it if they didn’t know about our fights. I am not hungry for publicity. I don’t believe in creating fake fights and getting votes. I don’t want to disrespect her either. I want to do this in a healthy spirit.” Revealing if rehearsals are tough for them considering breakups can lead to bitterness, Vishal had continued, “Break-ups often lead to fights. So, whenever we meet and if the topic [of the relationship] arises, we end up fighting. But at the end of the day, we are both participating to win. It’s not going to be easy.”

Time and again Vishal had held Madhurima responsible for their breakup. In another interview he had stated, “She was not right for me. When someone starts belittling you, it becomes difficult to live with them. I am desi, and she had a problem with that. I don’t converse much in English, I choose to talk in Hindi. We belong to different schools of thought. When someone tries to change you completely, the only option is to walk away.”

Getting all emotional and talking about ex Madhurima Tuli that too just before entering the show. Is this all to gather vote bank? What are Vishal Aditya’s intentions? Do let us know in the comments section.

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