Vishal Dadlani’s Father Dies, Singer Could Not Meet Father At Last Minute Due To Corona Infection, Wrote Emotional Post

Musician-singer Vishal Dadlani’s father Moti Dadlani passed away on Saturday at the age of 79. Vishal Dadlani told on Instagram that his father was in ICU for the last three-four days. He told in the post that at this time he is in isolation due to corona infection and that is why he could not meet his father even in his last moments. Vishal Dadlani has written a very emotional post about this on social media.

Sharing a picture of his father on Instagram, Vishal Dadlani wrote, “That he cannot be with his father in the last moments as he was confirmed to be corona infected on Friday. He further wrote, “I am my best friend, Lost the best and kindest man on earth last night. I can never find a better father than him, a better person than him or a better teacher in life than him. All that is good in me is just a light reflection of him.

He further added in this post that “His father was in ICU for last 3/4 days but I couldn’t visit him yesterday as my covid report is positive. I can’t even go to keep my mother with him. It’s the hardest. The timing is, it’s not really fair. He wrote, “Thankfully with more strength than my sister can handle everything with. I don’t know how to live in the world without him (father). I’m completely lost.” Vishal Dadlani on Friday revealed about his corona virus infection through social media. The musician said that despite taking “every precaution”, his report has come back positive. At present he is in isolation at this time.