Vivek Agnihotri Gets Angry After Seeing Aamir And Kiara’s Ad; Said- ‘These Idiots Make Fun Of Hindus’

An advertisement of Aamir Khan and Kiara Advani is in the news these days. There are allegations about this ad that it has hurt religious sentiments. People on social media are calling it a conspiracy against Hindus. Now Vivek Agnihotri, the director of The Kashmir Files, has lashed out at the makers of the ad by sharing its video.

This controversial ad is for AU Small Finance Bank. In this, Aamir and Kiara Advani are shown leaving in a car after marriage like a newlywed couple. Seeing this ad, it is known that the groom comes to the bride’s house. Because the wife’s father is ill, he wants to take care of her father by staying at his in-laws’ house.

The groom takes the first steps in his in-laws’ home. Aamir then appears in a bank and says, “Why keep the tradition going for centuries? That’s why we question every banking convention. So that you get the best service.” This video is becoming quite viral on social media. Sharing this ad on Twitter, Vivek Agnihotri wrote, “I just fail to understand since when Banks have become responsible for changing social & religious traditions? I think @aubankindia should do activism by changing corrupt banking system. Aisi bakwaas karte hain fir kehte hain Hindus are trolling. Idiots.

Many people have criticized this advertisement for ‘mocking’ the Hindu culture and showing the traditions in a wrong way. Drawing attention to him, Vivek further wrote, “They do such nonsense, then they say that Hindus are trolling idiots.” Let us tell you that many people claimed on social media that they have closed their accounts in this bank after seeing the ad.

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