WHAT! Ranveer Singh Depends On Others In Film Industry; Checkout Actor’s Revelation!

Bollywood star Ranveer Singh is often in the news. Along with acting, he is known for his cool style and excellent dressing sense. Recently the actor was seen reminiscing the beautiful memories of his school days.

During this, he talked about his interest. The actor said that he is more of a creative person than a logical as well as a planning person. During a recent media interaction, Ranveer Singh said that as a child, he often used to think that the fuse in his brain had blown. Why did he think so? Let’s check out the full news in detail.

At this time, even though Ranveer Singh is a master of acting, in his childhood he was very weak in maths. He himself has disclosed this. According to Ranveer, he was very fond of art-craft, drama, dance, and singing from a young age. But he found subjects like maths and accounting boring.

He said that for a long time, he believed that there was a short circuit in the left side of his brain. He was not good at maths and accounting. Ranveer knew from a young age where his strengths lay.

He said that the right side of his brain is very powerful, there is no doubt about it. But he has always been interested in art and singing and found other subjects boring. When Ranveer was weak at maths, it became clear that he would have to do something in art.

In the interview, when Ranveer was asked how does he navigate the work in the film industry? To this, he said that he has been dependent on others to manage his work in the industry. He said that luckily he is surrounded by a support system that can fill his void.