WHAT! Tanushree Dutta Reveals Her Marriage Called Off Due To Rakhi Sawant, “Was Going To Get Married In..”

Tanushree Dutta revealed surprising details about her marriage being called off due to Rakhi Sawant in 2018, as well as the entire affair. In the news recently for airing their dirty laundry in public were Rakhi Sawant and her estranged spouse Adil Khan Durrani. Adil has been accusing Rakhi of cheating and fabricating allegations for the public even though she wants to break up with him. Tanushree Dutta has since spoken out in favour of Adil Khan Durrani and said that Rakhi Sawant was the reason why her marriage to him was called off.

Tanushree Dutta revealed her marriage plans and how it was called off

Tanushree Dutta recently revealed during a news conference with Adil that Rakhi’s media witch hunt against her was a big factor in the breakdown of her marriage. Tanushree revealed that although she had planned to wed in 2018, her wedding had been postponed because of Rakhi’s films. She continued by saying that her parents had serious health difficulties as well.

Gauahar Khan bashed Rakhi Sawant for performing Umrah for publicity

Gauahar Khan had already criticised Rakhi Sawant. The actress had shared a report on how 20 children were sent to Umrah by a Qatari charity. Without mentioning anyone by name, Gauahar wrote her heart out on top of it and indicated that some people view Islam as a joke. Adding that wearing ‘horrendous looking’ abayas does not make a person Muslim, Gauahar made a suggestion that Rakhi’s abaya made her appear more Muslim. 

Adil Khan shared Rakhi Sawant had a uterus removal operation and not a miscarriage

Adil also claimed Rakhi was never pregnant with his child. She had her uterus surgically removed, he continued. After Rakhi gave her side of the story, her gynaecologist, Dr. Veena Shinde, clarified that the procedure wasn’t a uterine removal procedure. However, what was actually removed from her uterus was the growth of fibroids. Then Rakhi enquired with the physician about her ability to have children. The doctor concurred and said this.