When Illeana D’Cruz Got Angry On The Question About Her Virginity, Gave Befitting Reply!

Bollywood actress Ileana D’Cruz is in the headlines Due to her pregnancy. The announcement of her pregnancy prior to marriage has caused quite a stir on social media. Illian shared the wonderful news with his admirers by posting it on his Instagram account.

Illeana D’Cruz Pregnant Without marriage


In a recent social media post, the actress revealed that she is pregnant. In addition, she has added a sweet caption. “Coming soon. “I can hardly wait to meet you, my little darling” She wrote. Her post is getting increasingly popular on social media. People are eager to learn who the father of this child is, but the actress has yet to comment on their relationship.However, Let us tell you few months ago It was reported that Illeana is dating katrina kaif’s brother Sebastian laurent Michael but none of them made it official.

Was Asked About her Virginity

Ileana D’Cruz, like other Actresses in the profession, has also become a victim of trolling. In 2019, the actress held an Ask Me Anything event in which she addressed and Answered questions from her followers. During this one user asked her about her virginity and on this she got baffled but responded appropriately.

Gave befitting Reply to Troller

When a social media fan inquired, “Yaar… when did you lose your virginity..?” the actress retorted, “Wah, nosy, a lot?” “what would your mother say?” She later posted a photo with the message, “Their opinion and what they think you are.” You are not made up of their flaws; you are built up of your own darkness and light.”