Why Do We Have Such an Emotional Connection to Live Events?

The thrill of going to a live show is something that everyone should experience just once in their lives. Why? Well, it’s the thrill of the unexpected that often appeals. Being part of something that’s happening in front of your eyes adds to the excitement. It could be going to a concert, cabaret, festival, or celebration, like a wedding or birthday. 

Why go Live?

Enjoyment aside, there’s more to going to live events than you may think. It’s good for us, and in many ways, too, according to recent research. Live events provide validation when being around people who have a similar emotional reaction to you, recognition of being part of a group, and shared identity as we feel part of a collective; a group of people who are attending an event for similar reasons. 

There are many reasons people choose to go to live events, and very often the live event will dictate why they go. For instance, buying a ticket to a concert means you like the artist or type of music that will be played. Alternatively, going with someone to the theater means you’re interested in seeing the play that’ll be performed. 

But you don’t always have to go to a specific venue to attend a live event. For instance, you can play with other gamers from the comfort of your home, or wherever you are on your phone or console. You can also play live bingo on your phone or tablet wherever you want. You just need to make sure you know when the game being played and get ready. 

Celebrating Holi

What many of us forget is going to a wedding or celebrating a festival, like Hanukkah, is still attending a live event, more so if you’ve been invited or purchased a ticket. Take Holi, for instance. Originally celebrated in India, and wherever people of Indian descent were, it’s now celebrated all around the world and helping to bring people from all walks of life closer together in the process. 

In London, tickets can be bought to go to an event that celebrates Holi. People travel to celebrate the Festival of Colors, also enjoying the entertainment provided as they celebrate good over bad and welcome in a new season. This is also celebrated in a similar way around the world, organized by the same people in countries including Germany, Melbourne, and Mexico. 

People flock to these events because of a common aim, just like the research mentioned earlier. They want to celebrate the same thing and recognize that others there do too. There’s a community feel to the celebrations, as everyone is covered in bright colors and enjoys the once-in-a-lifetime live experience.

Life is for living and live events help to create special moments in our lives that are irreplaceable. Memories that last a lifetime are created. This adds to the appeal of live events and is another reason why so many of us love going to them. It provides a break from the norm and allows us to appreciate living in the moment, and why not?

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