Why Vir Das Thinks Bengaluru Is Breeding Ground For Comedians? What Emmy-Winning Comic Says

Stand-up comedian Vir Das, who was recently in Bengaluru said it is the breeding ground for comedians. He appreciated the audience present during the stand-up. I’ve always loved the stand-up comedy culture in Bengaluru, be it the days that I’ve done open mics or when I perform in larger venues now,” says stand-up comic Vir Das, after a successful run of his new special in the city last week.

Stand-up comedian says Bengaluru is the breeding ground for comedian

He further adds, “The city has been a breeding ground for some of the best comics out there. Lot of people have started out from Bengaluru as well. It’s mainly because of the melting pot of cultures that the city is. It brings so many people together, all of whom are intelligent, hardworking and cosmopolitan. It has always fostered an intelligent comedy crowd.”

The 44-year-old goes on to add that the city’s “culture of online consumption” makes it a conducive place for an artiste like him. “A crowd that is coming in for music or comedy in Bengaluru has watched most of it online — much like the Mumbai crowd, which has consumed a lot of theatre. But for music and stand-up, the Bengaluru crowd has an established pre-context,” he says.

Vir das won an Emmy for his recent special Vir Das: Landing

The comedian recently won an Emmy for his recent special Vir Das: Landing. “I’m still feeling the same way as I did when I won it. My trophy is placed between a photo of my dog and a quote that I like by (American novelist) F Scott Fitzgerald. I’m in a space right now where if you ask me to choose any one of these three things, I would choose the photo of my dog,” quips Das, adding, “The win has been a massive celebration with the people I love, but I’m at work and I’m not thinking about much besides that. The Emmy wasn’t an expectation — it was always a dream and if it happens again, it’ll be a blessing.”

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