Why Was Sonam Kapoor Targeted During Karwa Chauth? Find Here!

On the Auspicious occasion of Karwa Chauth, when all the newly married Bollywood actresses were being appreciated, Sonam Kapoor again became a target of trolling by social media users, after she uploaded her ‘Karwa’ pictures on Instagram. The issue behind this trolling was not the pictures uploaded by the actress but the weird caption used by her. Sonam revealed her latest Karwa Chauth look with a caption saying “My Husband isn’t a fan of Karva Chauth as he thinks fasting should only be intermittent, so we never kept it.”

It was not the post or her look that was disliked by the audience but it was the caption that completely provoked them. Being Indians and celebrating this auspicious festival for so long, people didn’t like the fact of getting dressed in the name of the festival without even celebrating it. Social media users filled Sonam’s comment section with a lot of negative comments with some of them asking her to stop showing off in the name of the festival that she doesn’t believe in. Whereas, there was another section of the audience that compared Sonam to all the other ladies who remain hungry all day, faithfully complete this fast, and celebrate this festival without the motive of just dressing up and posting pictures.

However, all this gossip or trolling never made a lasting impact on Sonam’s mind and she always does what her heart desires! where half of the audience trolled her, there was also a fan section who genuinely liked and appreciated Sonam’s look and style!