Wife Ginni Is Very Upset Due To This Habit Of Kapil Sharma, The Comedian Revealed

Famous comedian Kapil Sharma often remains in the discussion due to his shows. Most of the celebrities and famous actors from the film world keep participating in Kapil’s show. While recently, Kapil has talked about his domestic problems during his show. He has told that his wife Ginni is very angry with him.

In fact, recently Kapil has told that after the completion of the shooting of The Kapil Sharma Show, he becomes completely silent as soon as he reaches home and does not even talk to the family members. Due to which his wife Ginni is very upset.

The news anchor featured in the recent episode of The Kapil Sharma Show. Anchor Anjana Om Kashyap, Shweta Singh and Chitra Tripathi arrived as guests in this show. During this, Kapil had asked some or the other questions to all the anchors and had a lot of fun as well.

Kapil asked a question to all the anchors that does he feel like talking to anyone after coming out of the studio? On this, Anjana Om Kashyap says that after coming out of the studio, she remains silent for some time and does not feel like talking to anyone during that time.

After which Kapil Sharma also reacts on this matter. He said really right? So I request you that please explain this to my wife Ginni as she often complains that I do not talk. Because she doesn’t understand that I am silent when I go home. My wife Ginni wonders why I don’t talk to her. While I do not keep quiet, but the circumstances are such that one feels like keeping quiet.

After listening to Kapil’s statement, Anjana agreed and after that she explained to Ginni during the show. For your information, let us tell you that Kapil Sharma and Ginni Chatrath got married on December 12 in the year 2018. Kapil and Ginni have two children. Both the children have a son and a daughter.

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