Women-Only Travel Is All The Rage: Why Are All-Girls Trips Catching Up In India?

Women-led tours and solo travel top the charts this year. The days of packing multiple bags for the whole family for a week-long vacation seem to have long gone. Whether you are travelling alone or in groups, women want nothing to do with men and children.

They gave up the hassle of trying to find the right compromise on things to do and are listening to their heart’s desire.

Renewed Appeal for Adventure Trips

Adventure packages are back in the game and how? The tourism industry found its foothold after the pandemic lockdowns lifted, and all-inclusive trips are rocking. Whether it is domestic or foreign shores, sustainability is leading the travel trends. Popular destinations include Ladakh, Vietnam, Kathmandu, Pokhara, Thailand, Bhutan, etc.

women travel trip
Image: Wander Womaniya

Water sports, skydiving, bike rides, mountain treks, whale watching, and many more adrenaline-pumping activities are on top of the list of things to do. And the best part is you get to travel with like-minded people who support your interests, unlike with family who “have” to be there. Also, you can skip the cumbersome process of finding accommodation and tickets when you go through the numerous “women-only” travel services.

Strengthening Communities

These women-led tours help you bond with your sisterhood who come from different backgrounds. You might not get to mingle with new people with the challenges of daily life. But here, you create your community with kindred spirits and perfect travel companions.

Women bhutan travel
Image: Women On Clouds

Especially for married women who take care of their children, spouse, and elders, and dabble in work, travelling is rare. Even if you pick a place, your spouse may not be able to make it or they want to go somewhere else. You need to check if the spots are family-friendly, safe, and with a comfortable commute. There is this pent-up desire to go on a vacation, away from the stressful responsibilities and have some “quality me time.” 

Women’s Travel Groups in India

No matter if you wish to embark on a soul-searching spiritual journey in the Himalayas, shopping escapades in South Korea, adventure trips in Africa, or camping in the wilderness of Scandinavia, there is a place for everyone. Here are some companies in India you can check out:

Image: The WOW Club

The WOW Club (Women on Wanderlust) gives you enriching travel experiences in the way of camping and backpacking trips. They also help with VISA arrangements, insurance, and more. Create happy memories and life-long friendships.

Women On Clouds can be your best bet if you wish to travel solo. The tour partners take care of your local transport, lodging, flight tickets, etc. It is suitable for women of all age groups where you can network, bond, and feel pampered.

Wander Womaniya trips cover a variety of interests within our country and internationally. The tours range from Africa to Central Europe to North East India. Meet passionate travel lovers like yourself and explore top destinations. 

Image: Girls On The Go

Girls On The Go offers curated experiential tours exclusively for women. You can plan both Indian beaches and overseas trips with all women travellers, and enjoy the ultimate comfort and safety. So, which one impressed you the most?