Zendaya Addresses Tom Holland Engagement Rumours After Flaunting Huge Ring On Her Ring Finger!

Zendaya addressed the speculation and confirmed her relationship status with Tom Holland after igniting engagement rumours with a photo of a ring. Continue reading!

Zendaya recently sparked a stir among fans when she uploaded a photo of herself wearing a stunning ring. The photo fueled speculation that she was engaged to her longtime boyfriend and Spider-Man: Homecoming co-star, Tom Holland. Zendaya, on the other hand, has come forward to clear the air and provide light on her relationship status.

The ‘Euphoria’ singer has been seeing her co-star for three years, and fans thought that the couple had taken their relationship to the next level when she looked to be wearing an engagement ring on that finger.

Zendaya’s Cryptic Photo.

Zendaya was seen taking a mirror selfie earlier on her Instagram Stories, with only a mid-close-up shot visible. She was dressed in a grey top, a silver locket, and a black cap. The pearl ring on her left hand’s finger, which she used to hold her phone, caught the most attention.

Zendaya Has Denied Engagement Rumours.

Zendaya shot off engagement rumours in an Instagram Story video, saying, “I can’t publish anything, you guys. Do you think that’s how I’d break the news?” She shook off rumours.

Zendaya further stated that the ring in question was worn on her right hand rather than her left, implying that it was unrelated to any engagement. She joked, “I posted it for my hat, not for the ring on my right finger, you guys, seriously.” This explanation was intended to clear up any confusion about her relationship status.

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Zendaya And Tom Holland’s  Relationship.

Despite the engagement rumours, Zendaya and Tom Holland’s relationship continues to pique fans’ interest. The couple, who have been dating for at least two years, have shown their love for each other in interviews and public appearances but have always kept their relationship as private as possible.

In an interview with Elle, Zendaya stated, “I can’t not be a person and live my life and love the person I love.” But I also have power over what I choose to disclose. It’s about keeping the peace and allowing things be your own while still not being frightened to exist. You can’t hide. That’s also not enjoyable. It’s easier for me to navigate now than it’s ever been.”

Tom had the same train of thought. “Our relationship is something that we are incredibly protective of and want to keep as sacred as possible,” the 27-year-old said to The Hollywood Reporter.

“I’m lucky to have someone like Zendaya in my life,” Tom stated on the ‘SmartLess’ podcast. It’s fascinating to be in a love connection with someone who is in the same situation as you.

Tom recently confessed that he is “lucky” to have found a partner in the same industry with whom he can discuss their respective experiences with mutual understanding.

The 27-year-old actor previously joked that he lacks “rizz,” or charisma, and hence must rely on on-screen chemistry to entice Zendaya.

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