A Hilarious Video Shows Kapil Sharma Cracking The Same Jokes Each Episode Of TKSS

A humorous video regarding comedian Kapil Sharma was posted by social media personality, Sanyam Sharma. Sanyam made fun of Kapil in the video by making jokes similar to those the comedian tells on his well-known programme, The Kapil Sharma Show. Kapil just brought back his programme for a third season.

Sanyam imitated Kapil’s mannerisms in the video and made allusions to the way Kapil makes jokes about the show’s cast members’ outward appearances. He also made fun of the show’s Archana Puran Singh, joking, “Archana Ji k andar ek mard hai. Archana Ji is married to Parmeet (Sethi), who is Archana’s biological spouse. Parmeet Sethi is her wife, and she is her husband.


He also made light of Kapil’s on-air flirtation with Sunny Leone and Katrina Kaif. “Nobody, Kapil Sharma playing family humour,” the video’s caption read. How was my joke received? the content author further inquired in his post. Many social media users responded to it by mentioning Kapil Sharma in the comment area. You have completed 3 seasons of The Kapil Sharma Show in 30 seconds, according to someone who wrote that. Another said, “Insults are his concept of humour. It has already been criticized that Kapil’s show makes jokes about guests’ appearances.

Previously, Kapil took a brief hiatus from his show. He spent his time working on the movie Zwigato, in which he portrays a partner in food delivery. The film, which recently had its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival, will now be shown at the Busan International Film Festival the following month. It is directed by Nandita Das.

According to ANI, the movie centres on Kapil, a former factory floor manager who lost his job due to the pandemic. He later became a rider for the food delivery service and is now struggling to succeed in the world of reviews and rewards. The film’s creators previously released sneak peek, which were positively received by audiences.