Aditya Narayan Loses Cool At Fan During Live Concert; Hits Fan, Throws His Phone

The renowned singer-host, son of Bollywood’s famous singer Udit Narayan, often finds himself in the headlines. This time, it’s due to an incident at a concert in Bhilai, where a video of him hitting a fan and snatching his phone has gone viral.

Aditya Narayan’s misconduct towards the fan

Aditya’s misconduct towards the fan has sparked criticism from all sides. After the viral video of Aditya Narayan behaving badly with a fan, hitting him and throwing away his phone, there’s widespread condemnation of his actions on social media.

Aditya Narayan

This isn’t the first time Aditya has been seen losing his temper, as previously witnessed at an airport. Now, Aditya Narayan was hosting a concert at a college in Chhattisgarh where many music lovers were present.


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In this viral video, Aditya can be seen singing a song from Shahrukh Khan’s movie ‘Don’. During this, Aditya seems to lose his temper. It appears that he was singing, and then his attention was drawn to a fan recording his performance.

It’s not clear yet what exactly triggered Aditya, but he is seen hitting the fan’s hand while he was recording and then throwing away his phone. The audience present at the event is shocked to witness Aditya’s reprehensible behaviour.

There’s significant criticism of his actions on social media as well, with people expressing their displeasure. One user wrote, “What’s wrong with Aditya Narayan? Why so much arrogance? Such disrespect towards his fans?” Another commented, “What does he think of himself?”

All posts on Aditya’s Instagram account have been hidden. Previously, fans could see all the posts, but now he has made the account private. Additionally, he has deleted all posts except for one.

Aditya Narayan, a Bollywood actor and singer, is often associated with songs similar to those of his father, Udit Narayan. He has also acted in films and is known as both a singer and actor. Additionally, he serves as a television host.