Aishwarya Rai Trolled For Kissing Daughter On Lips; Says Netizens, “She’s A Cringe Mom”

One of the most popular B’Town Actress and mom Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, recently shared a post with her daughter Aradhya, via Instagram. Being a proud and loving mother, Aish was seen kissing Aradhya on her lips, as a way of expressing love. Aish posted this picture to express her motherly love and emotions but got trolled instead. Netizens were unhappy with the gestures shown in the picture and found it cringe and vulgar. Instead of appreciating a warm mother-daughter relationship, netizens criticized Aishwarya for this lip-kissing.

The post was filled with all sorts of negative remarks. Some were considering Aish a cringe mom and others were making sexual remarks, considering her a lesbian. The trolling didn’t come to an end with these negative comments. There were other social media users as well, who was seen making fun of Aradhya’s hairstyle. After analyzing the comment section, it was concluded that it is the women in the majority who find this picture inappropriate.

When the majority of people criticized Aishwarya for kissing her daughter, there were other people as well who came out to support her. To bring out some positivity on this post, Aishwarya’s fans gave strong replies to her haters. A social media user commented that “The people who are finding this picture cringe are those who have never received a kiss from their mother.” This particular comment gave a strong reply to all the haters and made a positive impact on the post.

After receiving this true gift of motherhood, Aishwarya has always been in the headlines, for being an over-protective mother. She has always been judged for her parenting style. However, Aish knows well how to be a celebrity mommy and always does what her heart desires!