Alia Bhatt Lied About ‘Not Wanting Destination Wedding’: Checkout This Revelation!

Hold on to your hats, folks, because it’s time for the juiciest gossip of the week. Bollywood actress, Alia Bhatt, has been caught in a scandalous lie about her wedding to Ranbir Kapoor. The newlyweds experienced cruel internet trolls in response to her declaration that they were against a vacation wedding. However, her mother-in-law, Neetu Kapoor, spilled the beans on their original plan of tying the knot in South Africa.

The South African Destination Wedding Plan

According to sources, Alia had previously stated in an interview that she found the idea of a destination wedding too stressful and show-offy. She claimed she was not celebratory and preferred keeping things low-key. But it seems the actress’s words were a smokescreen to hide her true intentions.

The video of Alia and Neetu’s separate conversations has made rounds on social media, leaving fans stunned by the revelation. In the clip, Neetu talks about how Ranbir and Alia planned to get married in South Africa. Nevertheless, Neetu claims that getting hitched at home was the finest choice.

Fans React to Alia’s Lie: Trolling on Social Media

While fans had praised the couple’s decision to have an intimate wedding, Alia’s lie has brought her under the radar of trolls. Social media has been used by netizens to criticize the actress for being dishonest about her wedding plans. Many have even pointed out that Alia’s statement about not liking show-offs contradicts her actions, given that she’s a Bollywood star.

One thing is certain in the end – Alia Bhatt’s lie has undoubtedly caused a stir in the world of Bollywood. Fans eagerly await to see if the actress will speak up and address the controversy or choose to stay mum and let the trolls have their moment in the spotlight. We’ll watch this story and bring you all the latest updates.