Alia Bhatt Picks Paparazzi’s Slipper From Road And Give It To Him, Fans -Trollers Fight Each Other!

On the night of July 13, Alia Bhatt embarked on a meal together with her mother, Soni Razdan, and sister, Shaheen Bhatt. Alia, along with her mom Soni and sister Shahi, posed for the photographers as they exited the restaurant after supper.A clip of actress Alia Bhatt, recognised for her outstanding role in B-Town, is becoming popular on social media. In this, the actress did work for the paparazzi, which is widely publicised.

Alia Bhatt picks slipper from road and gives to paparazzi

Alia was heading towards her car when she noticed a paparazzi slipper fall off his foot. Aaliya inquired as to who it was. Despite the photographer’s reluctance, the actress picked up the slippers with her hand and handed it to him, asking him to wear it. After that, she kissed her mother goodbye and drove away.

Fans Love this Gesture of Alia bhatt

This video of Alia is becoming viral on the internet. Many people are complimenting her, while others believe she is doing it to promote her future film. One person commented, ‘Respect button for Alia.’ ‘What needs to be done to promote the movie,’ one user said. ‘If a different actress had done this, people would have complimented, but Alia would have been disliked for no reason,’ another person remarked.

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Trollers also Trolled Alia Bhatt for picking slipper from road

While one user wrote trolling, ‘Don’t generate such drama that it becomes false. Even middle-class folks avoid picking up someone else’s slippers in this manner. Replying to this One fan sasaid, he is Alia Bhatt down to the earth.’ Other imposters include false actresses who claim to be humble but engage in publicity stunts. ‘The movie is approaching, isn’t it?’ remarked one netizen. As a result, the publicity stunt. We’ve even seen its haughty avatar.