Sukesh Chandrashekhar Claims Shocking Revelation About Nora Fatehi; ‘Tried To Brainwash Me Against…’

The much-discussed ₹200 crore money laundering case of conman Sukesh Chandrasekhar is taking new turns everyday. Two beloved actresses from Bollywood- Jacqueline Fernandes and Nora Fatehi are also involved in this alleged scam. Now, after Nora said that Sukesh had promised her a luxurious lifestyle if she agreed to be his girlfriend, Sukesh has retaliated with some shocking revelations.

Sukesh’s allegations on Nora

In the press statement issued through his lawyers Anant Malik and AK Singh, Sukesh has said that Nora used to brainwash him against Jacqueline and wanted to date him.

Sukesh claimed that he was in a relationship with Jacqueline but Nora was jealous of Jacqueline. Nora used to call him 10 times a day to seek favors when he started dating Jacqueline. Sukesh also disclosed that he began avoiding Nora but she kept irritating him.

A part of Sukesh’s statement reads, ‘Nora was asking for financial help in setting up a music production company for a relative. She used to send me photos of expensive bags and jewellery that she wanted. Ask her to produce one bill of Hermes bags that she carries. She can never produce as she does not have any. The bags are priced more than ₹2 crore.’

Sukesh further mentioned that he won’t publicize screenshots of chats to assassinate Nora’s character as he respects all women. He also said that whatever allegations Nora has put on Jacqueline are fabricated. Sukesh clarified that he only had professional associations with Nikki Tamboli and Chahat Khanna.

Jacqueline’s claims in court

Jacqueline has recently told the court that Sukesh played with her emotions and ruined her career. She was misled by the conman as he used to call her from jail at least three times a day without telling that he was in jail.

Nora lock horns with Jacqueline

Nora Fatehi filed a defamation case against Jacqueline Fernandez for dragging her name in the Sukesh case. In her complaint, Nora said her reputation was tarnished by Jacqueline who is threatened by Nora’s career in Hindi film industry.