Anupamaa Upcoming Twist: Anu Plans To Open Her Own Dance Academy With Mother Kanta!

Spoilers for the next Anupamaa are available here. As Anupamaa (Rupali Ganguly) and Anuj (Gaurav Khanna) parted ways, the Anupamaa track is becoming quite emotional. Anupamaa experienced numerous ups and downs after being expelled from her dance academy and moving into the Kapadia Mansion.

The viewers are very upset to see their favorite Anupamaa sobbing, but since Anupamaa is the role model for all single mothers, wives, and daughters, we also get to see her not give up this time as she opens her own dance school and takes a new step.

On the other side, when Vanraj (Sudhanshu Pandey) arrived from Mumbai and met Anupamaa, she declined his offer to give her the saree he had bought because she was well aware of his motives. Vanraj informs Anupamaa that although Anuj is content with his life with Maaya, Anupamaa is not Anuj. Vanraj is trusted by Anuj, but Anupamaa cannot, as she is certain that her husband would never act in such a way.

Anuj is awaiting Anupamaa

The forthcoming episode of Anupamaa will show that Devika visited Anuj in Mumbai and made an effort to explain things to him, but he completely put his belief in Vanraj. Anuj has opted not to visit because the Shah family was the reason he left Anupamaa; nonetheless, it will be interesting to see if he ever looks back on his mistakes. The fact that Anupamaa is waiting for Anuj appears to indicate that she will forgive him if he can arrive.

Anupamaa: Will Anuj learn from his sins in the upcoming episode of Anupamaa?

The audience are eagerly anticipating a shift after the last several episodes, which were viewed as being extremely emotional. In the upcoming episode, it will be revealed that Anupamaa has created a banner and is ready to open her dance school. However, she is concerned about where she will locate it, and her mother Kanta (Savita Prabhune) supports her by stating that they will renovate this home into Anupamaa’s new dance school.