BB17 Finale: Salman Khan’s Playful Jab At Arbaaz’s Wedding; ‘I Told Him…’

Salman Khan, Bollywood’s reigning bhai, proved once again that family comes first, even when it comes to poking good-natured fun at them. Salman made light of his younger brother Arbaaz Khan’s recent marriage to Shura at the Bigg Boss 17 grand finale.

Bhai’s Lighthearted Dig at Arbaaz’s Wedding Choice

During the Bigg Boss finale, Bharti Singh playfully asked why she hadn’t received an invitation to the wedding, prompting Arbaaz to jest that he would include her in the guest list for his subsequent nuptials. The jovial exchange persisted as Bharti probed Salman about the guidance he offered Arbaaz when he disclosed his intention to remarry.

While Salman’s reply was not fully detailed, it hinted at the notion that his brother doesn’t consistently follow his counsel. In a lighthearted exchange, Salman, the show’s host, joked about Arbaaz’s decision to tie the knot again, saying,

“Nahi ye sunte nahi hai meri. Agar sunte hote… (He (Arbaaz) doesn’t listen to me at all. I told him not to get married, but he wouldn’t listen.)”

Though seemingly a sarcastic jibe, the comment came across as more of a brotherly tease. Salman, known for his protective nature towards his family, could interpret this playful dig as his way of acknowledging Arbaaz’s happiness while maintaining his elder brotherly authority.

Shura Khan Gets Salman’s Seal of Approval (Maybe?)

Adding to the intrigue, Salman also showered Shura with compliments, calling her “lovely” and praising her for handling Arbaaz well. This seemingly contradictory stance – teasing the marriage while praising the wife – fueled speculation about Salman’s true feelings regarding the union.

Some fans saw it as a subtle way of expressing reservations about the pairing, suggesting Salman might not have initially approved of Arbaaz’s choice. Others interpreted it as a playful acceptance, with Salman ultimately happy for his brother’s newfound happiness.

Bigg Boss Finale Sees Family Fun and Brotherly Teasing

Regardless of the deeper meaning, one thing was clear: the exchange between the Khan brothers brought a heartwarming dose of family dynamics to the Bigg Boss finale. It showcased the playful banter and unconditional love that often binds siblings, even when their life choices differ.

Whether Salman indeed disapproved of the marriage or was engaging in good-natured ribbing, his comment reminded him that family, with all its imperfections and humour, remains at the core of their bond. And in the end, that’s what truly matters, even in the sometimes-tumultuous world of Bollywood royalty.