Mannara Chopra On Her Bond With Her Biggest Rival, Ankita Lokhande, ‘Hope We’re Friends Outside’

Mannara Chopra was the third runner-up on ‘Bigg Boss 17’ after defeating her main rival, Ankita Lokhande. Now she discussed her rivalry with the latter.

Mannara Chopra on bagging the third spot in Bigg Boss Season 17

Mannara Chopra spoke candidly about her experience on Bigg Boss 17 and revealed some fascinating information in an interview with The Indian Express. Mannara responded as follows when asked if finishing in third place was worthwhile given the suffering and challenges she faced: “It is definitely all worth it. People chose me because they knew I was strong. I was naive when it came to fights, but I had an opinion.”

Mannara Chopra reveals she came to BB17 due to her individuality

Mannara Chopra also mentioned that she didn’t win the show because of her film industry experience and that there were too many couples in the BB house. She said that although Ayesha Khan attended the show because of someone else’s celebrity, everyone else did so because of their uniqueness. As stated by Mannara:

“There were too many couples in the house, and this must have come up in a big way, especially when I said things about Ayesha to Munawar, such as that he would have never come to that house the way she did. I have my family in the industry, but I didn’t come to the show because of them. Everyone here was due to their individuality, but she came here on someone else’s fame.”

Mannara Chopra clarified the claims of character assassination made against her by her former rivals. Mannara continued, saying that she never lied and that people who tried to destroy her reputation were just expressing their own viewpoints. She did, however, state that it is acceptable with her if her fellow competitors choose to make amends and get in touch with her in the future.

“Character assassination is a very heavy word to be projected and used. For Isha, she said she didn’t have a boyfriend and then she was okay to be pally with Abhishek who was her ex. When someone came in, she changed. I am not like that. So I always spoke facts. About my character assassination happening, it only shows their mindset. If they want to resolve things, okay. In the future, if they want to connect, okay. If not, we wish each other well. That’s all about it.”

Mannara Chopra on her equation with Ankita Lokhande

When Mannara was asked how she felt when her main rival, Ankita Lokhande, was evicted before her, she shed light on their relationship. In spite of her initial naivety, Mannara revealed that she was accused of making fun of people by her speech patterns. She did add, though, that she had always been friendly with Ankita before the torture task went south. Mannara further stated:

“I have always welcomed people with a smile. I did the same on the show. But after the torture task, the things Ankita told me projected her in another way. And I feel that affected her connection with the audience. I came very naive in the house. I was accused of teasing people with the way I spoke, but that is how I talk. I hope we are friends outside. I respect her talent.”