Coronavirus has taken a toll on everyone and now we are all expecting the lockdown to extend to another fortnight. It has not just affected the normal’ people but also celebrities. While one of the most popular faces is Kanika Kapoor, another popular face is Zoa Morani who tested positive along with her sister Shara and her father Karim Morani.

Zoa Morani tested positive on April 7 and was moved to the COVID-19 positive patient’s isolation ICU. It is a stressful time for the family and to divert her mind, the actress has been watching movies, doing yoga and chatting with her family — of course, all within the confines of her hospital room.

The Bhaag Johnny actress has spoken about her days in quarantine to now being isolated in a hospital room. She told Bombay Times, “It’s so strange… in the last few years of my life, I had become quite a loner. I wasn’t meeting too many friends; I wasn’t going out much and preferred staying at home. Ever since the lockdown was announced, I’ve been feeling the urge to socialise. Such is life!”

She continued, “From those days of being isolated at home, to now being confined to a hospital room all by myself — it feels just the venue has changed. Now, it seems that life has become like a drama where things keep unfolding one after the other. In the hospital, half of my day goes into absorbing these new situations, and the other half, I rest it out.”

“My daily routine in the hospital begins at 6 am. I wake up, freshen up and do pranayam. I also do a few exercises suggested by my doctor… Apart from binge-watching movies, web shows, and all the yapping, what keeps me going is my exercise,” she added.

The actress will also be going live with Varun Dhawan to talk about her recovery experience.