Bigg Boss 13 Exclusive: Mahira Sharma’s Mom Warns Paras Chhabra Not To Kiss Her Daughter; Reminds Him Of Gf Akansha Puri; Check It Out

The thirteenth season of one of the most controversial shows “Bigg Boss” is living up to the expectations of its audiences. Ever since the show has started it has continued to entertain the audience and had maintained shows TRP. With every new episode, the show gives the daily dose of gossips and Tadka to its audience. Bigg Boss makers, on the other hand, are also not leaving any stone unturned. Now, as the most controversial show is coming to its last weeks with that a new promo shared by the Colours official team and its family week in Bigg Boss 13  and not just the viewers, but housemates too have been waiting eagerly for their loved ones to enter the house.

In tonight’s episode, we shall see the family members of the contestants will come and meet their loved ones. but what caught our attention was Mahira Sharma’s mother, Shehnaaz Gill’s father, as well as Arti Singh’s brother Krushna Abhishek who enter the BB house. It is always an emotional time in the house for the contestants and looks like the wait is finally over. Mahira Sharma was excited to see her mother, however, besides meeting her daughter, she also came in with a few things to say to Paras Chhabra who was seen kissing Mahira in the previous episode.

With every new season the show, Bigg Boss has seen many couples come out from the house, and while some stay together long after the show, some seem to have parted their ways for good. And well, while there are many examples one of the most talked-about couples of sorts in Bigg Boss 13 is Paras Chhabra and Mahira Sharma who gets close with time. However, while their equation hasn’t been laid out very clearly whether the two are more than just friends, one cannot forget that Paras does have a girlfriend outside the BB house, Akanksha Puri.

Paras Chhabra and Mahira Sharma, over the last few months, had grown quite close and were also seen sharing some cozy moments with each other. And the duo had seen kissing in the previous episode which doesn’t seem to go well with a lot of people and one of them is Mahira’s mother. In tonight’s episode, Mahira’s mom had come to meet her daughter. The preview shows Mahira’s mother first hugging her daughter, then moving on to Paras Chhabra to put him in his place. She warns him of his girlfriend Akanksha Puri, and then says ‘Mahira Toh Tumhari Dost Hai Hi.’ She also asked him to not kiss her daughter, all the while, Mahira quietly listens.