Bigg Boss Makers Fool Audience, Sidharth Shukla’s Eviction A Publicity Stunt, Know Truth!

The makers of Bigg Boss 13 are doing everything they can to ensure the show gains the required TRP. First, they eliminated Rashmi Desai, Devoleena Bhattacharjee along with Shefali Bagga but kept the first two in a secret room. Now, there have been continuous headlines that Sidharth Shukla would be thrown out of the house for hurting Mahira Sharma. But it seems that this was also a hoax like all other breaking news.

According to the, the news of Sidharth Shukla getting eliminated was all wrong. The reports further state that Sidharth will be punished for hurting Mahira Sharma but he will not be eliminated. Bigg Boss will warn him and as a punishment nominate Sidharth, by default, for the coming 2 weeks.

By doing these gimmicks of evicting, re-entering, clickbait promos- will the audience ever take any of the eliminations seriously?  And how much should they trust the weekly voting appeals made by these celebs? Bigg Boss 13 makers and Colors TV, food for thought!