Bigg Boss 16: Sreejita De Reveals Top 3 Finalists After Her Eviction; Checkout Here!

Bigg Boss 16’s ex-contestant Sreejita De got eliminated two weeks back from the show, and is giving back-to-back interviews. She had a clean & sorted journey throughout her presence in the BB house. Sreejita entered the show in the beginning but got eliminated in the first week, for receiving less votes. She performed well in first week, but never got a fair chance to prove herself more as she got eliminated very soon. In the show’s middle phase, Sreejita entered again as a wild card entry, creating buzz all over the internet. She made a strong re-entry and was seen getting close to contestant Shalin Bhanot to make Tina Dutta jealous. However, Sreejita was a decent contestant, and again got evicted as her contenders were much stronger than her.

After her eviction, she is being captured giving eviction interviews and revealing her thoughts about other contestants. On a random evening, Sreejita was spotted in Mumbai, and got questioned about “top 3 expected finalists according to her”. To which she answered saying “I think Shalin, Shiv and Priyanka will be in top 3”. She made good assumptions as according to a survey, Priyanka and Shiv are highly expected to be in top 2.


Sreejita De shared a very good bond with contestant Shiv Thakre. A controversy was also getting viral that both the contestants are interested in each other. But later, the rumors got cleared out when Sreejita’s boyfriend Michael entered the show. In order to sort their rumored relationship, Shiv Thakre was later termed as Sree’s bestfriend!