Bigg Boss: “Jasleen Matharu Is Still Ridiculed For Her Affair With Anup Jalota” Claims Her Father

This year’s Bigg Boss has already created a buzz with much-hyped contestants Dalljiet Kaur and Koena Mitra being eliminated in the first and second weeks respectively. Last year’s Bigg Boss was not that hit among the Bigg Boss fans but one contestant that kept people coming back was Jasleen Matharu. Her affair with the veteran singer Anup Jalota became the talk of the town and their chemistry was quite visible. But Jasleen was ridiculed and shamed on numerous occasions for having relationship with a man of her father’s age.

Now, as per the latest Bombay Times report, this once rumoured lover jodi is soon going to make a starry appearance in a film with the both of them playing the protagonists in it! Talking about the same, Anup ji shared with the daily, “Last year, Diwali ke pehle ek dhamaaka kiya tha ‘Bigg Boss’ mein participate karke. Aur ye film iss Diwali ke pehle ka dhamaaka hai. It will clear a lot of misconceptions in the minds of people about my equation with Jasleen. In the film, she comes to learn music from me and I will be seen asking her to dress up more appropriately, as I am from a traditional music background.”

The film is based on their teacher-student bond and is being directed by the none other Jasleen’s faher, Kesar Matharu. In an interview with when jasleen’s father asked about that how did he agree to cast them together comsidering during the show, he was so anti Anup Jalota. The director instantly replied, “Both of them spoke to me after they came out. Unhone mujhe samjhaya aaisa kuch nahi tha and that their relationship was just of guru-shishya. But abhi bhi jab dono shows karte hai, waha sab yahi shor machaate hai. When Anup ji is performing, they scream, ‘Jasleen kaha hai’ and vice versa. When in public, anyone with the name of Anup, teases Jasleen- ‘Main bhi Anup hun.’ No one is ready to believe that they are not together as lovers. So, in this film, we are clearing the air that they both share a clean relationship.”

Ask the doting dad if the film is being made only for this reason? “Log sawal jawaab itna karte hai. Ab toh bacche bhi aake puchte hai Anup ji se- ‘Jasleen kaha hai’, toh woh kayin baar chidh ke bol dete hai, ‘meri jeb mein hai.’ So, finally he came to me and said, log bhool nahi rahe hai, let’s do a film to set the records straight.’ Even in London, people ask him during the shows. So, with this we hope they understand what the truth is,” he added.