BTS: Suga Blows Up Twitter Again With His Latest Messy Long Hair Look, ARMY Is Going Wild; Checkout!

The Bangtan boys often referred to as BTS, have a very passionate and large fanbase called the ARMY. The ARMY always talks about the group’s haunting melodies, and they cherish the group members passionately. Furthermore, if a member shares a selfie on social media, it will undoubtedly become popular overnight.

Suga is the hottest thing to hit the K-pop scene in years! When a new picture is posted on Twitter, it will trend in Korea and worldwide! The fans never get tired of looking at his picture, and some say they can’t even sleep at night because he is on their mind. Some say his looks are off the charts, and he makes the rest of us question our existence.

A few times Suga has blown the internet with his long messy hair look

Min Yoongi, aka Suga, is the most recent person to get the ARMY worked up. Recently, he posted some of his own black-and-white images to Instagram, and this particular image has his supporters in total awe. Suga is showing off his messy hairdo, and his looks seem to do the magic.

Twitter is already abuzz with fans sharing Suga’s latest picture. It’s a real thirst trap for his fans, who can’t get over Suga’s incredibly charming looks. He only shared the picture a few hours ago, which is already one of the top trending topics. That’s what we call star power! Suga has ARMY going crazy with his messy new long hair to look! The photo has fans drooling and begging for more. And they can’t get enough of Suga’s sultry style.

Twitter is blowing up with all the re-tweets and shares of his latest post

Suga’s recent hairstyle choice has ARMY members drooling all over the place. Suga is definitely setting a thirst trap for his fans with his long, messy locks! ARMY is going insane over this photo of the singer, and we can see why. His windswept hair looks amazing, and we can’t get enough of it.

Seriously, how can anyone not swoon over this picture? The BTS ARMY can be forgiven for going crazy over the boys when they’re this good-looking. Stay tuned to WomensEra for more updates.

And if you’re looking for new hairstyle inspiration, take a cue from Suga and try a messy look!