Cameron Diaz Denies Connections With Jeffrey Epstein; Says She ‘Never Met’ Him

Cameron Diaz has denied any connection with the late convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. Her name came up along with other notable celebrities in the court documents that were unsealed this Wednesday, January 3rd.

The representative and publicist for Cameron Diaz has released a statement, claiming Diaz never had ‘any association (with Epstein) …whatsoever’.

Hollywood star Cameron Diaz ‘never met Jeffrey Epstein’

In the wake of the Jeffrey Epstein case, almost 900 court documents were unsealed on Wednesday, January 3rd. Celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio, Naomi Campbell, Bruce Willis, Cameron Diaz, and many others have found mention in them, indicating having connections with the condemned pedophile.

Cameron Diaz denies connections with Epstein
Cameron Diaz denies connections with Epstein

Diaz’s representative released a statement to Page Six on Friday. She said Diaz ‘never met Jeffrey Epstein’.

“Cameron never met Jeffrey Epstein,” said the representative. “nor was she ever in the same place as him or had any association with him whatsoever, regardless of the fact he may or may not have mentioned her name or implied that he knew her.”

It is also worth noting that several names that appeared in the documents do not mean they are involved in any wrongdoing conducted or prosecuted by Epstein.

Jeffrey Epstein did a lot of ‘name-dropping’, says the accuser

Jeffrey Epstein bragged about having close connections with A list celebs
Jeffrey Epstein bragged about having close connections with A list celebs

But how did the names of such esteemed celebrities, including Cameron Diaz, come up in the court documents? Because of Johanna Sjoberg, Epstein’s one of the accusers. Sjoberg in her 2015 deposition explicitly discussed in detail how the late financier boasted about having close connections with stars like Diaz, DiCaprio, Campbell, Blanchett, and more.

In the documents obtained by Page Six, Sjoberg testified that she had never met any of those celebrities either personally or on any occasion. She also admitted that Epstein did a lot of ‘name-dropping’.

Sjoberg's Testimony Script. Source: Page Six
Sjoberg’s Testimony Script. Source: Page Six

“When I spoke about them, it was when I was messaging him, and he would get off – he would be on the phone a lot at that time, and one time he said – ‘Oh, that was Leonardo, or, that was Cate Blanchett, or, Bruce Willis.’ That kind of thing,” stated Sjoberg.

When asked if Epstein was ‘name-dropping’, she said “Yes”. When asked about meeting Cameron Diaz at any point, now 41-year-old Sjoberg claimed, “No”.

Prince Andrew had close connections with Jeffrey Epstein

Although many names that appeared in the court documents do not have any association with Epstein, Prince Andrew’s name has surfaced with serious allegations.

Prince Andrew pampered close connections with Epstein
Prince Andrew pampered close connections with Epstein

Virginia Giuffre in Sjoberg’s 2015 defamation case against Jeffrey Epstein’s girlfriend, co-conspirator, and madam Ghislain Maxwell claimed that Prince Andrew sexually assaulted her at Epstein’s Manhattan Townhouse in 2001. Virginia accused the condemned royal of touching her breast while posing for a photo in her deposition. The disgraced royal is accused of sexually assaulting many young women including Sjoberg who were sex-trafficked by Epstein.

“I sat on Andrew’s lap,” said Sjoberg. “and they took the puppet’s hands and put in on Virginia’s breast, and so Andrew put his on mine.”

Prince Andrew settled the lawsuit with Virginia in 2022. Along with the British royal, former US president Bill Clinton’s name too has appeared in the documents but he has denied the connection despite having a photograph record of him sharing a close bond with Jeffrey Epstein. More documents are expected to be unveiled in the coming days.