Comedian Parag Kansara Dies, Sunil Pal Pays Tribute: “Who Cast An Evil Eye On The World Of Comedy?”

Comedian Parag Kansara passed away. Comedian Sunil Pal confirmed his death on Wednesday. He shared in an Instagram post. Sunil recalled the time he spent with the late comedian and said he participated in the comedy show The Great Indian Laughter Challenge. In his video, Sunil talked about late comedian Raju Srivastava, who passed away on September 21.

Sunil said, “Namaskar friends! Another bad news, one that has wrenched our hearts, came from the industry of comedy. Our sixth companion from Laughter Challenge, Parag Kansara is dead. He used to do his comedy pieces by the name Ulta Soch. He used to think of things in a different way and made us laugh. He is dead. What is happening to the world of comedy? Who cast an evil eye on the world of comedy? Why are such things happening with people who make us laugh, people who make efforts to make us laugh; and their families? I have no clue.”

He recalled Parag’s works. Sunil added, “My memories with Parag are fresh. He considered me as young brother, I did films with him Bombay to Goa, Bhawnao ko Samjho. We did hundreds of TV shows and thousands live shows together. He was a great artist – Gujarati was his mother tongue and he lived in Vadodara. He was a part time magician, did odd jobs and often took all responsibilities of kids for functions. He had worked in circus as well. Please pray for his soul and his family. It is tough to believe he is no more. Pray to God to save comedians, not just those who are professional comedians but everyone who makes others laugh.”

He further said, “The best of comedians, pillars of comedy are going away. We just lost Raju Srivastava and we are yet to come to terms with his death. We still remember his jokes and laugh. But the truth is that he is not with us physically. Prior to his death, we lost Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hain actor Deepesh Bhan at a very young age. Four or five days ago my dear friend Jeetu Gupta (Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hain actor) lost his son, his house faced the tragedy.”

He concluded, “The world of comedy is losing many gems. God, do you have a dearth of comedians in your court that you are snatching away our comedy kings and magicians?”