‘Congress Not Shown In Poor Light…’: Kangana Ranaut Clarifies Ongoing Allegations On ‘Emergency’.

As a fervent supporter of the Narendra Modi-led Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), Kangana Ranaut has replied to allegations that her upcoming movie Emergency seeks to portray the Congress in a negative light. And will finally be released around the 2024 Lok Sabha elections. The movie, which is supposed to be based on former prime minister Indira Gandhi, is described as a period drama and not a biopic. According to Kangana, she has not favored any political party with her movie, according to Times Now Navbharat.
Kangana Ranaut on the BJP’s use of the emergency in the run-up to the election
Kangana Ranaut responded when asked about the allegations surrounding Emergency by saying, “If you want to know a person, go for his actions and not his words.” However, based on your behavior, you appear to be producing the movie, the interviewer added. The director is you.
The actor retorted, “Then you see the movie.” I’m not sure if the movie will be released around the elections, but it will be released. Elections and any political party are unrelated to it. Additionally, I would like to mention that it is a tribute to our three-time elected prime leader. It is the account of her life, both the good and the bad. A woman is representative in and of herself, as I already stated. However, it would be incorrect to infer that I have already chosen a (political party) in preference.
Kangana: PM Modi is carrying the humanist torch.
Speaking about the movie, she added that she learned that Indira Gandhi had previously been “bullied” when conducting research for Emergency. ‘Maine khud Emergency me Mrs. Gandhi ki biopic me kaam kia hai,’ she exclaimed. Nixon was a bully who treated people unfairly, according to the media, and according to unko. But right now, PM Modi is figuratively holding the torch for mankind with violence and solely with love. Indians feel quite proud.