Divya Agarwal Says There Will Be No Love Connection This Time As She Is Quite Happy With Varun

Divya Agarwal who is currently attracting all the limelight inside the Bigg Boss OTT house with her continuous fights with Pratik Sehjpal has revealed that she was one of the first contestants to be finalized for the controversial show. She attributes this to her loud and “over the top personality”.

Divya in an interview with Hindustan Times had shared that her admirers have watched her on other reality shows and she always had a “love connection” and that won’t be there this time on BB OTT.

Divya Agarwal couldn’t contain her excitement to treat her fans 24×7. In an interview before entering the house, she said, “In past reality shows, I have had love connections. This time it won’t be there because I am quite happy with the person that I am with (blushes). It will just be about this person who is always happy and always over the top. I think that is the reason why they chose me as the first contestant. Perhaps they knew the kind of person I am OTT. Now my fans are going to see me cooking, live every day, 24×7. They are going to love it.”

Divya Agarwal With boyfriend Varun Sood

Divya was also excited to meet Karan Johar on Bigg Boss OTT. The pretty actress said, “The first film set I was on was Karan Johar’s Student of the Year. I was somewhere behind in the crowd with many people as college students. I was a background artist. I used to watch Alia Bhatt, Varun Dhawan, and tell myself ‘My God, they are here and now they will go far in their careers. Now I am here (on Bigg Boss OTT), I guess I guess I have been a successful ‘aspiring story’ – Karan Johar is going to introduce me to my own audience on Voot. And, I am the one welcoming him, so (it is fun).”

Divya also slightly shared her plans and strategies for the reality show. Divya had said, “If you are in it, go all out. I will use saam-daam-dand-bhed, and you guys are going to be entertained throughout. I am not going to refrain when I am angry. As for my anger, I have been loud on previous shows. But now I will use silence. I will just look into the eyes and that silence will scare the sh*** out of everyone.”

Divya Agarwal had also spoken about losing her father to Covid-19 last year. “I lost my father to Covid last year. I think life has taught me a lot. Now, I just want to break free, have fun and be happy. I want to have my freedom back. I lost my father but this time (as she starts her Bigg Boss OTT journey) he is going to be with me, in the house,” said, Divya.

For the unknown, Divya entered the same house in Bigg Boss season 11. It was during the family week where the girl made an appearance to meet her then-boyfriend Priyank Sharma. Priyank, after entering the Bigg Boss house found love in Benafsha Soonawala which left Divya broken. In the family week, she confronted Priyank for the same and became the talking point on social media. Later, Divya was seen in MTV Ace of Space, where she emerged as the winner. In the same show, she found love in actor Varun Sood, who is currently winning hearts with his performance in Khatron Ke Khiladi 11.