Does Your Crush Like You? Here Are The Signs That Can Help You To Solve This Million Dollars Question!!

Liking someone or admiring someone is called a crush. If you are in that situation where you have mixed feelings that whether your crush likes you back or not? or trying to know about his/her feelings towards you? Don’t worry we understand your situation. Because it’s an amazing feeling to like someone or to love someone, we all are facing this at least once in a life. Love is precious and what’s better than that you loved or liked by the one you have feelings for. You are curious to know the feelings of your crush towards you but afraid to ask directly? Then don’t worry here we have introduced some signs which may help you to know his/her attitude to you.

They look at you a lot and blush when you look back at them. If there are no evident reasons for your crush to look at you but they still do, you can take it as a sign of interest.


If your crush’s friends start acting weird whenever you are around or they tease both of you, then chances are that they can already pick up on the tension between you and your crush.

If you always find your crush near to you even at parties then it may be a strong sign that he/she always want to be with you or want to protect you. Your crush may feel jealous or uncomfortable when you are comfortable with another person.



If a person likes you, they would probably want to know if you’re single or taken. They will often ask you directly whether you are in a relationship or not. Furthermore, they’ll try to know about your love life and ask questions about your dream partner.

They’ll always follow you via your social media account and will send long messages, gifs etc. They are always available whenever you need them and will try to make a long conversation with you. Moreover, they’ll appreciate you at every moment.

They may be conscious or nervous when you are around them and will blush when you compliment them.

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