Don’t Be A Victim To These Misconceptions Related To Pregnancy, Know The Truth Here.

Apart from the parents, the news of the arrival of a child in the house gives great happiness to the rest of the family also. People start preparing for the arrival of the little guest, the whole family is very excited. However, at the time of the woman becoming pregnant, everyone also prays that both the mother and the child remain completely safe. At the same time, there are some misconceptions about pregnancy, which are spread among women. Some women even believe these things. In such a situation, it is very important to clear these misconceptions so that they can be avoided. So let us tell you about some such misconceptions and about their truth.


Misconception Number 1:

If a woman delivers early, she is having a boy. But even if the delivery is late, a girl child is born.

The Truth Is:

This is not true, because the delay or early delivery depends on the medical condition.

Misconception Number 2:

If a woman wants to eat sweets, then it will be a girl. At the same time, if you feel like eating sour, then a boy will be born.

The Truth Is:

There is no scientific evidence for this, so this thing is useless. Whether it will be a boy or a girl, all this happens due to the fluctuation of hormones.

Pregnant Woman

Misconception Number 3:

Once the baby is born by cesarean, then the second delivery cannot be normal.

The Truth Is:

If the case of delivery is normal, and there are no complications, then normal delivery can be done for the second time. Surgery is done only when complications arise in a case.

Misconception Number 4:

Getting an ultrasound done by a woman has a bad effect on the baby.

The Truth Is:

Specialists do an ultrasound in the third, fifth, seventh, and then the ninth month to see the position of the fetus. This is done so that the child remains completely healthy and safe.

So all the women out there stay safe and stay far from these misconceptions and enjoy your pregnancy.

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