Why Mumbaikars Are Risking Their Lives By Not Wearing Masks?

The citizens of India’s financial capital, Mumbai has come to a point where they have a bunch of excuses for not wearing masks. Mumbaikars are putting different reasons for not wearing masks.

A youngster from Mumbai was seen with a mask hanging from his pocket. When enquired about the same, he said, “I have developed pain in my ears after wearing masks. That’s why I am not wearing it. I have it in my pocket.”

In an interview, another Youngster asked the reporter, “Look at the numbers. The second wave is over. That’s why the government is opening all the shops. If there was danger, why would they open?”

Maharashtra has already recorded 21 cases of the Delta plus Variant which is a variant of concern from the Government of India.  As the state is already warned for the beginning of the third wave of Covid-19 by the state’s Covid-19 task force, Mumbaikars should take special precautions on that.

There have been unexpected and strange replies from the people of Mumbai on being asked the reason for not wearing the masks. A Father and son duo on a bike on being asked why they are skipping a mask the father anxiously replied, “We have just stepped out of the house after having breakfast. You can’t wear it all the time. We will wear it in some time.”

The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) has made it compulsory for the citizens of Mumbai to wear masks in public places. The railways and the Mumbai Police also have the authority to fine the citizens for not wearing masks.

The state’s Covid-19 task team has dropped a major warning on the third wave. They have said there could be 8 lakh active cases during the third wave, including 10 percent of kids from all the cases. The people who were able to avoid corona in the first and second waves should need to be more careful about the upcoming wave. The age group of 20-40 need to pay extra precautions, the task force warned.

In the Worli market, the tomato vendor said, “Sir, look I sell tomatoes. I need to take off the mask. With the mask on, if I say Rs 20, my customers hear Rs 30. Hence, only while telling the customers the tomatoes’ cost, I take it off. Else, I put it on all the time. Others should also put on the mask. It is needed.”

The BMC has collected Rs. 50,29,86,200 all alone in form of fines from the people for not wearing masks. On the other hand, the authorities have managed to collect over Rs 58,42,99,600.

The Mumbai Police have collected Rs 7,62,74,200 and the Central, Western, and Harbour Line Railways have collected a combined amount of Rs 50,39,200 for not wearing masks in public places.

A woman customer said, “While we take out money from our purse it takes time. We have to search for the coins as well. So, the mask comes down on its own while we search for money.

Mumbai’s current recovery rate is at 95 percent. The containment zones that are active are 12 and the active sealed buildings are 88. Mumbai has again started showing an upward trend in Covid cases.

The BMC said that many teams are active on the ground and the ones who are going against the rules are being fined. The medical experts are re-stating the fact time and again that the only way for the people to stay safe is by strictly following covid-19 appropriate precautions.

Let’s see how the government will deal with this situation and whether Mumbaikars follow the precautions or risk their lives. Stay Tuned for more updates on this.

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