Don’t Make These Lingerie Mistakes While Wearing or Handling Them

If you prefer to wear a bra, you would possibly be surprised to see that the fit and care of your undergarments might not be as straightforward as you originally thought. Here we explore some common mistakes every bra owner might be making, and the way to rectify them.

Ignoring your comfort

Many women share a general dislike of wearing bras, albeit 42% admit to needing one for support. A recent survey of 1000 US women indicates, 68% reported discomfort while wearing their bra, citing slipping straps, itchy tags, and general irritation.

If you discover wearing a bra uncomfortable, it might be that you’re not considering your comfort when purchasing undergarments. The typical thin-strapped underwire sort of bra could also be popular, but it’s not right for everybody. 

Consider choosing undergarments with wider straps or softer materials, and experiment with different cup types to seek out something that creates you feeling great without restricting your comfort. New fabric technology has allowed underwear manufacturers to make bras freed from underwire and firm cup padding; these can provide support and delicate molding without digging in or feeling restrictive.

Not being properly fitted

In a recent study, it was found that up to 80% of girls might be wearing the incorrect size bra, with 70% wearing too small a size and 10% too big. Women with larger breasts are particularly vulnerable to wearing the incorrect size.

The shape of your body and breasts can change frequently—especially if you’ve recently fluctuated in weight, born, or are currently expecting. Even well-intentioned women could also be wearing the incorrect size if they fall prey to the needlessly confusing bra sizing formulas. Here are some qualities of a perfect-fitting bra are:

  • The band fits snug across your back without feeling suffocating or tight.
  • The underwire sits flush against your skeletal structure.
  • Your breast tissue fills the cups without spilling out of the highest or sides.
  • The straps fit comfortably on your shoulders without digging in or sliding down.

There are a few symptoms that indicate your bra isn’t fitting you well. These signs apply to all kinds of bras, from your everyday T-shirt bra to a balconette bra. You are wearing the wrong size if your bra straps keep slipping off your shoulders or are so tight, they are digging into your skin. Straps of the correct sized bra will sit comfortably on your shoulders without slipping off. 

Not considering your outfit

While you’ll think that having a couple of bras within the same style is sufficient, you ought to consider the kinds of garments that you simply wish to wear. Different outfits require a variety of bra styles; your everyday bra might not work with a sheath, and your favorite lacy lingerie may create unwanted visibility through a t-shirt. 

Earlier, most women were not aware of sports bra in India. But now sports bras are available in all sizes to fit all the body shapes on the spectrum. Before buying a sports bra, you should check out different kinds available in the market.

Consider how the color of your lingerie matches up together with your outfits also. If you’re wearing light-colored tops, flesh-colored lingerie suits are best to avoid the color of your bra stealing the spotlight. If you’re attending a flowery event, then matching your bra to your dress or shirt will help to disguise any wandering shoulder straps.

Take Care of your Intimate Wear

Your lingerie is a very important aspect of your day. It provides support, helps contour your figure and is a deciding factor in your choice of outfit. While your intimate wear does so much for you, there is no doubt it needs a little something from you too – to be treated well and looked after. 

Always wash your lingerie in cold to room temperature water. Hot water could ruin the elastic and even cause your panties to shrink in size. Hand wash them, especially when it comes to delicate materials such as lace or silk. Use a detergent meant for delicate clothing, and always be mindful of how much you are using.


Purchasing and wearing comfortable, high-quality bras can make an enormous difference in how a lady looks and feels. As comfortable lingerie is often quite an investment, it’s critical to know how best to require care of your undergarments.

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