‘Don’t Want To Work With You’: Neha Dhupia Recalls Losing Projects After Getting Pregnant

“Julie” fame Neha Dhupia recalled being kicked out of projects once she revealed she got pregnant. “Got fired from a show,” she said. In another incident, she quit because she was asked to lose a measly 5 kilos for a 7-minute role. That’s how the industry still works, according to the talented actor and chat show host.

People Said Unreasonable Things

Neha Dhupia, married in 2018, shares two kids, daughter Mehr and son Guriq, with husband Angad Bedi. She gave birth to her baby girl in November 2018, and this is when the above incident happened. Neha opened up about what she had to face as a female artist once she revealed to makers that she was expecting. 

Neha Dhupia Angad Bedi

Even in her early career days, she had to fit into a stereotypical mould. “If you didn’t fit into that mould, then you are not good enough. Now, everyone is so diverse, casting is so real, but you know things still happen.” She had to face discrimination not just for looks, but for her personal matters also. In their opinion, Neha was either too sharp-looking or had to lose some fat. 

For a fitness freak like her, hearing those things felt silly. “I have been fired for both having a sharp face and not willing or wanting to lose 7 to 10 kg of a body that I thought was super fit in my definition.” That, too, for a short duration of 7 minutes of screen time. Obviously, she didn’t agree to lose that weight and got fired. 

No filter Neha chat show Neha Dhupia Shaihd Kapoor

The “No Filter Neha” host speaks candidly about the time when got booted from a show after she got pregnant. “When I went and revealed to them that I was pregnant and told them that they were not shooting for 8 months, they just said no, we don’t want to work with you.” 

Neha Dhupia Is Settled Now

Neha is collaborating with Gulshan Devaiah for a web series named “Therapy Sherapy.” She also recalled that she was trolled and shamed for conceiving out of wedlock and having a shotgun wedding with actor Angad Bedi. Even after giving birth, she was excessively picked on for putting on post-delivery weight gain. 

Neha Dhupia

Things like these used to bother her earlier, but motherhood has changed her. Neha feels settled now, in the roles of both an actor and a mother. “I am talking about people who have said and done unreasonable things, but I am ok now; at that time, it bothers you.”

Neha Dhupia understands that certain roles have specific physical requirements, like action films. But she is not okay with unreasonable conditions. However, the industry is changing and becoming more inclusive, she beams.