Drop In Libido Among Women: Lack Of Sexual Desire Cause Of Long COVID Symptoms?

You may have heard about many long COVID symptoms, and here is one puzzling new one — a lack of sexual desire. Experts found that there is a drop in libido in women post COVID-19. Here’s how the SARS-CoV-2 virus impacts the reproductive system and what to do about women’s sexual health.

Already a Tricky Issue

For aeons, women’s sexual gratification has been a confusing concept for women themselves. Particularly in India and similar conservative cultures, talk about sex and reproduction has been taboo. In such cases, it is no wonder that people knew so little about sexual wellness.

Sexual desire women

Even when you compare sexual desire levels, females face many more challenges than their male counterparts. Upon that, lack of proper sex education and access to reproductive healthcare services in society could also cause low libido. 

Enter COVID-19

We are in the 4th year of the pandemic, and new evidence is coming to light every day. News about respiratory issues, digestion, cardiac problems, brain functions, decreased immune response, and even depression is nothing strange. However, research also shows that the reproductive system is affected by the fast-mutating Coronavirus — mainly interest (or lack of) in sexual intercourse. 

And while survival was the main priority during the pandemic lockdowns, sexual wellness took a back seat. Prolonged isolation, renal illness, lethargy, headaches, fatigue, etc. caused a drop in sex drive. Even after recovery, most people couldn’t go back to what they had before. Some may find themselves unattractive to their partner, while others find reasons to avoid intimacy. 

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What the Research Says

The Egyptian Journal of Neurology, Psychiatry and Neurosurgery published a study late last year, which revealed that post-COVID, women faced psychiatric issues that impacted their sexual wellness. On similar lines, Assiut University researchers, also from Egypt, released their findings that point to the same. 

62 women participated in the study and over 58% had sexual dysfunctions 6 months after the infection. The meta-analysis based on multiple studies shows that there is a significant decline in sexual desire, arousal, and orgasms, mainly in women.

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What You Can Do to Improve Sexual Desire?

The first thing to understand is what women expect from their partners. Sexual drive is not only about intercourse but how women are treated the entire day. Ask them what they like, invest your time in exploring each other’s sexual fantasies, and never skip foreplay. 

More often than not, if women feel disrespected in certain areas of life, the spark fizzles out. so, pay attention to their feelings, reduce their workload around the house, and if needed, consider professional help to boost sexual desire. They can recommend libido-enhancing supplements to improve sexual health by enhancing arousal, orgasms, and overall sexual desire.