Emily In Paris Fame Lily Collins Reveals She Was In An ‘Emotionally Abusive Relationship’ That Left Her Sick!

Lily Collins admits that her past life trauma and abuse ‘still finds a way to trigger’ her.Continue reading to find out more.

The actress recalled being abused emotionally and verbally in her early twenties in a toxic relationship. Emily in Paris fame Lily Collins had a bad love experience in her early twenties that still haunts her.

Lily Collins, who plays Emily Cooper in the Netflix series ‘Emily in Paris,’ has won people’s hearts with her portrayal of Emily Cooper, who went through a difficult period in her personal life, and she recently opened up about it and how life changed for her after that.

Many people are in a similar situation but lack the courage to leave it; when celebrities like Collins speak out about it, it inspires many others to do the same.

Lily is best known for her roles in films such as Love Rosie, To the Bone, Okja, Mirror Mirror, and others while married to American director and producer Charlie McDowell.

Her fan base has grown as a result of her portrayal of Emily in the Netflix series, and she is now in a better place in her professional and personal life to discuss those darker times in the past.

Lily Collins appeared on a recent episode of the We Can Do Hard Things with Glennon Doyle podcast, where she discussed her emotionally abusive relationship in her early twenties. “My toxic romantic relationship involved a lot of verbal and emotional abuse,” she added.

“I became quite silent and comfy in silence, and I felt as if I had to shrink myself to feel extremely safe.”

Emily in Paris star Lily Collins also recalled her abusive ex using “awful words” like “little Lily” and “where” to address her. “My skin was breaking out,” she said, describing how the emotional trauma began to affect her physically.

I was having panic attacks and had kidney infections at the same time. All of these strange physical manifestations, but I didn’t put two and two together at the time because your body is telling you, ‘This is not a situation you’re supposed to be in.’

“My past can brought painful experiences back at any time, no matter what relationship I’m in,” Lily Collins explained.

Your gut reacts, your heart drops, and you’re transported back to that moment 10 years ago when they said that to you, but you’re not in that situation now.”

These kinds of things do have an impact on a person’s mental health, and it takes a caring and understanding partner to help one heal; fortunately for Collins, she found it in her husband Charlie McDowell.


“Whenever I’m in one of these memories, it’s so obvious to Charlie, who really can reads me like a book, and he calls it out in a moment,” Lily said of Charlie. This is how healthy conversation and communication can feel.