Five Unintentional Things You Are Doing Wrong In Your Periods; Checkout!

To all the strong menstruators, has anybody told you of certain things not to be done in your periods? Well! their are tons of them, and most of them are taboos. But, their are certain things that many girls are doing scientifically or unintentionally wrong in their periods. Since our growing years, we girls have been taught up so less about period health from our mothers and education, that we hardly know everything about it. Your menstrual health is going to be much better if you will understand certain things properly. So, here are five things, that we girls hardly pay attention to in our periods.

1. Forcing new inventions on us

With passing time, new technologies and inventions take place, and are available in the market. Same is with availability of new period innovations such as menstrual cups and tampons. Earlier, every women used to prefer traditional pads, but with availability of new products some women are making a shift to new products. Their is no harm, in trying out new products and adapt to changes. But, forcing a new product on your body if you are not comfortable in it is completely wrong. Their are many girls, who try out menstrual cups, without following proper instructions and end up hurting themselves. If you are not feeling comfortable with a cup or tampon inside your vagina, just go for traditional pads. You are supposed to be comfy and relaxed in your periods so prefer what makes you happy!

2. Say no to cold foods and drinks

Food cravings based on hormonal imbalance during periods, is a very natural thing. During those times, we girls crave for junk food, cold coffees and ice-creams. But consuming cold foods or drinks in periods is gonna worsen your cramps. Due to consumption of cold foods, vagina is unable to shed its lining smoothly and therefore causes severe cramps. To avoid extra pain, avoid cold foods, and prefer eating hot foods and drinks, to make your cycle easier.

3. Taking a lot of pain killers

Due to unbearable cramps, many women end up taking 2-3 pain killers a day. Pain killers are very harmful for bodies if taken in high quantity. Instead of taking these tablets, you can use hot water bag or heat belt to ease your period cramps. Trust the process, as heat belts works much better than tablets in easing your pain.

4. Taking a lot of bed rest

Due to weakness and cramps, it becomes difficult for us to even get up from the bed. Its very important to take proper rest during those days. But walking and exercising is also equally important. Taking a little 15 minute walk or 10 min yoga can instantly ease you with cramps. Their are also 10 min period exercises, available on the net to make you feel better in those days.

5. Not taking a bath

Many women prefer not to take a bath during periods, as they feel weak to get into the shower. Not cleaning yourself during those days is absolutely wrong. If you are not feeling like taking a longer soap shower, you can just shower with water and clean your vagina. Also, a hot water bath is gonna do wonders for your cramps. Taking a regular shower in periods, will make you feel happy and healthy, so make sure not to skip it!