‘Got Treated Like Shit’: Rapper Lil Wayne Lashes Out At Los Angeles Lakers After Ugly Turn Of Events

Although Lil Wayne is an influential figure in the music industry, he has become rather contentious in the basketball world in recent months. This is in response to remarks he made about Anthony Davis’s play with the Lakers in the previous season. His tweet about his experience at the Lakers is making the rounds on social media platforms.

What Happened?

Rapper Lil Wayne took a jab at the Los Angeles Lakers. The popular rapper said that he was treated unfairly in the midst of the frantic action during tonight’s home game versus the Washington Wizards. He also thought back to when he had made a critical remark about Anthony Davis. And he said that it could be the cause of the abuse.

Wayne expressed his worries in a lengthy statement on his X username. He wrote he ‘got treated like shit’.

Known for Audacious claims

In addition to his lyrical powers, Wayne is renowned for his audacious jabs, particularly in terms of basketball. The superstar went a bit too far in his remarks on Anthony Davis during the previous season since he is a devoted Lakers supporter.

AD struggled to heal from a foot injury before the 2023 postseason. That season, he was absent from most of the games. And it didn’t seem like the Lakers would be able to secure a postseason position.

At that time, Lil Wayne dropped a harsh statement on Davis in an Undisputed episode. He said, “If the Lakers want to be a championship team in the future as well, you’ve got to get rid of AD.” 

However, Lil Wayne reversed his stance on Anthony Davis. He stated that the Lakers absolutely should not trade, despite previously being pro-trade.

Once Banned from NBA

On the other hand, there isn’t any development in Wayne’s tonight’s accusation. But this isn’t the first time the rapper has stirred up controversy. Let’s take a look at a similar incident from the past.

Yes, the rapper once claimed that he was banned from attending any NBA event. In 2013, at the end of the All-Star weekend, Lil Wayne picked up the mic at his Houston performance and opened up to the public. He said, “The NBA banned me from all NBA events. I’ve got to let you know why, though. It’s because the Miami Heat told them to ban me.”