Have Broken Eyebrow? Read Here What Does That Mean?

If the eyebrow has a break or is thin in the middle, it suggests that one of a parent, brother or sister might have hand fracture and injury in early years.


People of downward brow tips are sympathetic and helpful nice guys who start well and end well.

People of upward brow tips are of strong self-esteem and personality, and they never compromise but lack of coordination, which is their advantage yet disadvantage. When they are supposed to be decisive and bold, they can quickly take measures to make a figure. This kind of people are often admired by others.


If the long hair in the eyebrow indicating longevity appears before the age of 30, it will be an inauspicious sign; if the hair appears after the age of 50, it indicates the long life.

If the eyebrow suddenly changes white, it suggests the sad thing.

Those with an extramarital affair, no matter men or women, must have sleek and shining eyebrows and this method can be used to judge your lover.