Heard Of Paper Water Bags? New Initiative Of Hyderabad Based Startup.

A Hyderabad-based start-up has taken a step to protect the environment. Under this, given the increasing plastic waste and keep in mind the environmental safety, eco-friendly water bottles have been prepared instead of plastic bottles. That is, instead of plastic, water will be available in paper bags.

IT experts Sunith Tatineni and Chaitanya Ayinpudi launched ‘Cairo Water’, a start-up aimed at reducing plastic waste. Both left their corporate sector jobs for ‘Cairo Water’. Sunit Tatineni, the co-founder of start-up Cairo Water, said that a person who is traveling for a long time will buy at least five bottles of one liter of water. Less than 10 percent of these plastic bottles are being recycled. This is a very serious issue. “To find a solution to this issue, we have started packing water using cardboard boxes, in which the bulk of the water is stuffed into recyclable ‘bag-in-box bags,” he said.

Plastic Water Bottles

Sunith informed that at present paper bag water cans are available in two variants of 5 liters and 20 liters. When asked about the price, he said that a 5-liter box is available for Rs 75, while a 20-liter water box has been priced at Rs 120.

Paper Water Bags

Chaitanya mentioned that he has focused more on hospitals, hotels, and small-scale parties, where plastic waste piles up, to bring about a change at the grassroots. Some hotels and hospitals in and around Hyderabad have started importing plastic water bottles from these eco-friendly bottles.

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