Highlights Of Aly Goni’s Trip To Paris With Girlfriend Jasmin Bhasin

Aly Goni, a television actor, is having a great time. The actor is at present on holiday in Paris, the city of love. The cherry on top is that Aly is vacationing with Jasmin Bhasin, his girlfriend and an actress. The duo is entertaining their followers with photos and beautiful cityscapes.

The actor created a vlog where he updated his fans and captured all the memorable events from the trip. He kept track of everything, including packing, travelling, hotel exploration, and sightseeing. The desi actor also revealed how much he enjoys eating Indian khana and how worried he is about his food options for the remainder of the journey. Aly gave his fans a glimpse of his hotel while he was in Paris and discussed how cramped it is, which is likely a concern for most visitors to the city. The majority of Aly’s time in Paris was spent getting a haircut and embarking on numerous shopping excursions.

On Instagram, he even started a poll asking his followers which handbag he should purchase. He also visited the Eiffel Tower, where he and Jasmin had a sketch drawn of them as caricatures. Aly is definitely giving us some big style aspirations on this trip, from soaking up the sun to donning some of the sexiest attire. When discussing his most recent visit, he said, “Making time for travel is crucial in my opinion since it greatly expands your horizons. Traveling provides you with a new viewpoint as an actor, which actually enhances your performance “.

Aly Goni and Jasmin Bhasin, fell in love while competing on Bigg Boss 14. In the programme, they discussed their feelings, and they have been dating since. On television and off, the couple has never held back from expressing their love for one another. Their Instagram accounts are stocked with wonderful images and videos of them together. Aly just posted a video of himself being charmed by Shamshera’s most recent song while thinking back on happy times with Jasmin.

Aly was dapper in the video as he strolled down a street while Fitoor from the Shamshera film played in the distance. The following scene gave viewers a glimpse of the romantic times Aly had recently had with Jasmin. Jasmin was seen showing Aly some Bhangra moves in one of the videos. The two could be seen cutting a cake in another video. “Lost in the moment and lost in this great music,” the actor commented on the video.