Kasauti Zindagi Kay Fame Cezanne Khan Accused Of Extortion And Domestic Violence!

Who doesn’t remember the famous Anurag and Prernas love story from Ekta Kapoor’s famous serial Kasauti Zindagi Kay? Anurag and Prerna had to go through challenging situations to be together as a partner. But in real life, the actor who played Anurag that is the handsome Cezanne Khan is facing some serious allegations on him. Scroll further to know who has fired legal action against him.

Cezanne Khan’s Wife Aisha Has Filed A Case Against The Actor

Aisha Pirani

Aisha Pirani, who asserts that she is still in a ‘marriage’ with actor Cezanne Khan, has lodged a First Information Report (FIR) against him. Cezanne gained prominence for his portrayal of Anurag Basu in the television series Kasautii Zindagii Kay in 2001. In a recent interview, Aisha provided a detailed account of her motivation behind filing the FIR, accusing the actor of deceiving her in order to obtain a US visa and subsequently demanding compensation.

Aisha Accused Cezanne Of Cheating On Her

In an interview with the Times of India, Aisha made allegations of infidelity against Cezanne. She stated, “He betrayed my trust and took advantage of me in order to acquire a US Green Card. I expended all of my finances on him during the period from 2013 to 2016. While I was working, he remained idle at home. He used my credit card for his expenses, and I possess evidence of all the bills. Despite these incidents, I chose to overlook them as I did not want to be seen as malicious. I forgave and let it pass. However, he never expressed any remorse or offered an apology.”

FIR Registered On Cezanne

Elaborating on the actor’s concealment of their marriage over time, she expressed, “I might have overlooked it if he hadn’t spoken ill of me. During his stay, he humiliated me in front of my children, which deeply hurt them. They remain hurt even now, and they hold no positive feelings toward him.  They have no good wishes for him. I am still legally married to him through our ‘nikaah’ ceremony. He claimed that his mother desired him to marry a younger woman. Both he and I are 50 years old. Thus, at that time, he chose to hide our marriage. He manipulated me into signing fraudulent divorce papers, which I unknowingly did. However, as a Muslim woman, according to Islamic law, I am still considered married. I seek reimbursement for the money I spent on him and compensation for the mental distress I have endured due to his actions.”


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