‘Geegee Geegee, Ae Tommy’- Paparazzi Hilariously Call Out International Stars As They Stole Show At NMACC!

Mumbai paparazzi are known to be the craziest and the most fearless. They can go to any extent for a sneak peek into celebrity’s lives. At times, their audacity gets them into trouble. However, at NMACC, the internet has recently been laughing at the paparazzi’s way of calling out international stars for a pose.

Paparazzi were super busy covering the lavish opening event of NMACC in Mumbai. International stars walked the red carpet dolled in their bewitching designer outfits as they were getting papped. But this time, there’s something more to just stars posing in front of the cameras.

This time, the hilarious paparazzi comments stormed the Internet. Paparazzi were seen using Marathi names & phrases in the background, which set the Internet on a laughing spree.

For instance, supermodel Gigi Hadid walked across the red carpet as paparazzi said “Geegee Geegee ikde ikde.” While one mispronounced her name, the other photographer corrected, saying, “Gigi bey not geegee.”

Next, Zendaya was identified as “Tom ki girlfriend hai bhai” by one of the photographers. One comment that made the netizens laugh till their stomach hurt was to Tom Holland. Paparazzi called him “Ae Tommy, Makdi Man, and Tom Homecoming.” One even went ahead to say, “kya spiderman banega re tu.”

Clueless paparazzi asked in vain “nam bata dena iska” when Hollywood star Penelope posed at the gala. Although most of the Internet users were rolling on the floor laughing, others criticized the paparazzi’s move at the NMACC event.