“TRP Game Only”, Netizens Troll Makers To Ruin Anupama’s Life As Anuj Scolds & Left Her!

So far in Anupama’s Star Plus Daily Soap, we’ve seen little Anu recount everything Maya told Anupama. The chhoti Anu asks Anupama to explain to Anuj to let her go with Maya and not stop her. Anupama agrees with little Anu. In today’s episode, Anupama asks Anuj to let go the little Anu . Hearing this, the ground beneath Anuj’s feet slipped. He says he shouldn’t say anything about it now.

Anuj Scolds Anupama For letting Little Anu Go With Maya

Anuj want to meets chhoti Anu and Anupama Lock the door and asked him to listen to her. She said she didn’t want her daughter to be torn between them. She didn’t want Maya to break her heart when she found out the truth. If you tell little Anu that Maya lied to her, she will be devastated. Anuj is thrilled to hear these words from Anupama.

Anuj accuses Anupama of deliberately letting Anu go because he said Anupama on her birthday at the beach that he loves the younger Anu more than Anupama. Therefore, she is envied of little Anu. Anuj tells Anupama that she abandoned young Anu because she is not his real daughter. If she was her biological daughter, she will never let her go. But Anupama finally convinces Anuj and tells Maya that he can take her.


Netizens Angry Seeing Sad Track For the Lead Role

In the latest promo, Anuj cries while remembering young Anu. When Anupama came to console Anuj, he became angry. He said Now Anupama’s words irritate him and he feels suffocated with Anupama. Then he left her and Anupama shattered. Now Seeing this track on the show users are schooling makers and Producers.

One user wrote, “Anupama dukhiyari nari = TRP… So TRP game is only constant. Nothing else matters…. Unka show unke tracks what viewers like gaya tel lene. #Anupama”.while another wrote, ” Ye star plus ke har show me lead role ko ruin kyu karte rahte hain”.Similarly many users are hating the track in show.